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Dues TOS

1. Payment Terms

By joining our organization and opting to pay membership dues, you agree to the following terms regarding payment. Membership dues are paid on an annual basis, and payment is required to maintain active membership status. Payment can be made through our designated payment methods, as specified on our website.

2. No Refunds

Please note that membership dues are non-refundable. Once payment is made, it is considered final and non-reversible. We are unable to provide refunds for any reason, including but not limited to membership cancellation, withdrawal from the organization, or dissatisfaction with our services.

3. Membership Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your membership and cease future dues payments, you must submit a formal cancellation request through the appropriate channels, as outlined on our website. Please be aware that cancellation of membership does not guarantee an immediate cessation of dues payment. It may take some time for the cancellation request to be processed and reflected in our system. During this time, you may still be charged for membership dues.

4. Refunds for Post-Cancellation Charges

In the event that you are charged for membership dues after submitting a cancellation request, we will ensure that you are refunded the full amount at a later point. While immediate reversal of charges may not be possible, rest assured that we will rectify the situation and process the refund as soon as possible.

5. Changes to Membership Dues

We reserve the right to make changes to the membership dues amount and payment structure. In the event of any changes, you will be notified in advance, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding your continued membership.

By proceeding with the payment of membership dues, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms of Service. Your support through membership dues is greatly appreciated and directly contributes to the advancement of our organization's mission and initiatives.